Four years ago during my first pregnancy, I started emailing my dear friend and now fellow mom Jenna. A lot. You see, I am a bit of a worrier. I knew if I called Jenna every day with each of my concerns about pregnancy and childbirth, she would change her number.

As my family grew, so did my need to seek validation and advice. This blog is my attempt to save my friendship by widening my circle of trust. Jenna is so glad you are here.

I’m no longer in my 30s, and I have two children under the age of 4. I learned the second one was coming in Fall of 2014, the same week my husband received a promotion requiring a cross-country move. If you had told me 20 years ago that I would be giving birth at 40 in a new state, I probably would have believed you.

Want to hop in? Guest bloggers are welcome.

Contact me: amongmomfriends [at] gmail [dot] com.



Melinda is a working mother, a writer, avid reader, traveler, speaker of several languages, and chief nose wiper. She plans to climb a mountain with another mom in July 2016. If her newly rediscovered running legs continue to improve, she might join another mom in running a half marathon in November 2016.

A native of Nashville, TN, she now lives in Denver, CO with her husband and two sons.



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