How to Climb a Mountain in 5 Easy Steps

Please note: the steps I follow below will work for anything you wish to accomplish. Just substitute “climb a mountain” with “do taxes,” or “learn to knit.”

  1. Decide you are going to climb a mountain– This is obviously the game changer. No waffling. Tell everyone you know. Ask them to hold you accountable and to ask you about it later. You should no longer question, “Can I climb a mountain?”
  2. Name the mountain– There is something about naming the goal to make it part of  your destiny. Feel the word roll around on your tongue. Mount Bierstadt is more of a series of hops than a roll in my case, but you get the picture. Because I like to write, I imagine the way it will feel to write the word in a future blog post that shares the news that I made it.
  3. Start exercising-Whatever your goal, this is the messy part. The doing part. This is all the preparation you need to do to reach the goal. It’s usually physically and/or mentally painful, and this is where most people don’t pay attention. You have to be your own motivator. Keep doing it for yourself even when others aren’t watching.

    Happy Mother’s Day to me!
  4. Buy some gear- Invest in the goal. Then you know that you have to do it. I don’t want to be staring at an unused day pack in the corner of my room for the next year. It will just be a reminder of what I didn’t do.

    If you have substituted “do taxes” or “learn to knit,” in this post, it may be helpful to imagine an IRS auditor or an unshorn sheep in your bedroom corner. See how uncomfortable that feels?

  5. Tell a preschooler near you that you plan to climb said mountain.- I guarantee that within a month you will just climb the dang mountain to get them to stop asking you when you are going to do it. I’m thiiiis close to just doing it this weekend to get my eldest son to focus on something else.



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