My Google History: A Mother’s Quest for Truth

The best part of middle-of-the-night wakings is that I have that extra time in my day to do research. I am willing to post my google search history from the last week if you will share your own search history favorites with me in the comments section.

102.5 fever 8 month old

102.9 fever 8 month old

Immune disorders in infants

Baby sticking tongue out

Reactive airways disease

RSV recurrance

Bounce house locations

Can doctor know if wheezing is viral or bacterial by listening?

Flying geckos

Sand lizard lifting feet

Baby upper lip blister

Umberto Eco death

Transformer Optimus Prime

First baby sign language

Preschooler wetting bed are boys harder to potty train at night?

When should teeth come in?

Why is my baby not talking?

When will my baby sleep through the night?

Is my baby sick or teething?

Are moms over 40 all tired?

Energy levels new moms over 40

Goats laughing

(it goes downhill from there)